Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans

Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans

We help Wisconsin residents, save on their Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans as well as residents of 33 other states. Medigap policies in Wisconsin are not sold as Plan F or Plan G, they are structured as a base policy with optional riders.


Enrolling in a Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plan

During your, OEP is the best time to obtain a Medicare Supplement Plan. Your OEP begins the 1st day of the month after turning 65 and carrying Medicare Part B and then carries through the next 6 months.

For example, if your birthday was March 28th and your Medicare Part B effective date was April 7th, then your OEP begins May 1st.

During this time you have what is called is called your Guaranteed Issue (GI) right. What the GI ensures is that you cannot be denied insurance coverage regardless of any pre-existing health issues.

Enrolling outside of your GI, you are subject to the underwriting process which can result in higher monthly premiums or coverage denial due to current health conditions.

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