New to Medicare?

If you’re new to Medicare and feeling a bit lost know that you are not alone

We understand that as a new Medicare beneficiary the different plans and parts with similar letters can make things difficult to understand and sort out. Most of our client’s report receiving numerous phone calls and piles and piles of mailers. It’s quite common that a new client shows up at our office with hundreds of pieces of Medicare information and advertisements that have been mailed to them as they approach Medicare eligibility.


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We Recommend Following These Steps to Get the Ball Rolling and Make Your Transition Smooth

  • Confirm you are eligible for Medicare

  • Learn about Medicare cost so you know what you will pay

  • Apply for Medicare at your local Social Security office online or via the phone

  • Receive your red white and blue Medicare ID card verify that your name is accurate and that you are in rolled in part A and part B

  • Learn about your coverage options for the cost that Medicare does not cover whether that is a Medicare advantage plan or a Medicare supplement plan

  • Learn about prescription drug insurance for your medications and what planet will suit your needs

  • Talk with insurance agency like us and our Medicare advisors our help is free

  • Review your coverage on an annual basis to make sure you are getting the right benefits at the right price

Medicare As Your Primary Insurance

Hearing this can be daunting and even intimidating because it’s all new information most people have been accustomed their employer coverage for a number of years and transitioning can be overwhelming at times. The good news is we designed our site and service to help this be an easy and painless transition.

If You’re New to Medicare With Employer Insurance

If you are still working but also becoming a Medicare beneficiary your initial steps will be a bit different than those of traditional Medicare beneficiaries. The tide is changing though because more and more people are working past age 65.

While you can certainly carry both Medicare and Employer group insurance it may or may not be cost effective. This decision will likely depend on how much you pay for your employer group insurance, the size of your employer and the plan options available in your state.


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