Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies in 2019

A question we are consistently asked are “who are the top Medicare supplement Insurance companies?” Since benefits are standardized meaning they are the same company to company, this can be a difficult question to answer because the best supplemental insurance company depends on what plan is offering the lowest rate and also their rate trends in recent history in your area. Working with Senior Market Solutions and shirts that you do not have to worry about which company offers the best customer service because we do it all for you and our services are completely free. Every year we review your policy to ensure that you are still getting the best rate and coverage. Our expert Medicare advisers have put together a list of our top 10 companies in 2019. They are listed in no particular order and all have A ratings.


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Before You Compare Medicare Supplements

You must understand that benefits are standardized this means that a Medicare plan G from one company is the exact same policy and offers the exact same benefits as a plan G from any other company. Price is usually the only difference but additional information you or we consider when making a plan choice include financial ratings, rate trends and how long a particular company has been doing business.

The Top Ten Medicare Supplement Companies Right Now!

  1. Aetna Medicare supplement

  2. CIGNA Medicare supplement

  3. Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement

  4. Manhattan life Medicare supplement

  5. Banker’s fidelity Medicare supplement

  6. Lumico Medicare supplement

  7. Transamerica Medicare supplement

  8. Americo Medicare supplement

  9. United healthcare AARP Medicare supplement

  10. IAC Medicare supplement

What Are the Most Popular Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans?

In most states there are 10 different supplement plan options to choose from, the three most popular plans are F, G & N. Out of the10 options these 3 plans offer the most coverage. Many Medigap policy holders like these plan options best because they are generally maintenance free with little to no out-of-pocket costs or hassle.

When comparing these plans, you will find that Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage, but also comes along with a higher premium. Plans G and F offer similar coverage but each have small out-of-pocket costs, in exchange the premium on these plans is considerably less than a Plan F.


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