A recent survey collected data that proved men and women could save 39% on Medicare supplements by simply comparing different companies while searching for a plan.

The findings from Senior Market Solutions showed that by comparing Medicare Supplement options at www.seniormarketsolutions.com, applicants could save 39% on premiums by choosing the lowest cost plan.

The survey analyzed non-smoking men and women from about 70 zip codes and showed that seniors could save over $100 monthly. From comparing and reviewing all options, women could save 42% on a Medicare supplement Plan F and men could save 44%.

Popular plans include Plan F, G, and N. Plan F controls almost 40% of applicants for Medicare Supplements while Plan A and N attracted 10% of applicants. To this day, Plan F is a highly demanded Plan.

Times are changing though. In 2020, Plan F and Plan C which is both widely characterized as full coverage, first dollar coverage or Cadillac plans will no longer be offered for sale. Plan G will be the closest replacement but will come with a deductible. The deductible is the Medicare Part B deductible and the amount is set annually by Medicare.

CEO of Senior Market Solutions, Rick Teska, said when seniors do a comparison of options and plan they will better understand the benefits and different price ranges and get the best deal to save money. They don’t even have to be experts on health insurance, just visit the comparison tool on www.seniormarketsolutions.com.

For more information, explore seniormarketsolutions.com or contact a licensed Medicare Advisor at 1-800-784-8969 or [email protected]

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