What if someone told you that you could get preventive services for free and it could make you healthier?   Good News!  Medicare covers many preventive services in an effort to keep you healthy. Senior Market Solutions

If you are on Medicare, there are five good reasons you should care about preventive care services.


Its true, Medicare covers many essential preventive care services in full, you pay nothing out of pocket.  check out Your Guide to Medicare’s Preventive Services for details.

Live Longer

Screenings and early detection can help detect any issues early on.  Don’t let cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes keep you from doing what you love.

Your Doctor

Seeing your doctor on a regular basis ensures that there is open communication.  Its important to address any health concerns, order an additional screenings and review your medications


Did you know that Medicare can even help you quit tobacco, fight obesity and treat alcohol abuse? Medicare encourages a healthy senior lifestyle and its overages can help you get there.


It’s important to be defensive of our health.  Medicare covers flu and pneumonia shots as well as various other immunizations.  Click here for more information on what is covered.

For more information, explore seniormarketsolutions.com or contact a licensed Medicare Advisor at 1-800-784-8969 or [email protected].

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Alicia is a Senior Office Administrator in the Medigap industry and has 10 years experience. She is a one stop shop for answers, information and support for Medicare clients. When shes not writing you can find her in the garden.