Medicare Help and Resources

  • If you’re looking for an overall review of Medicare check out

  • Want more information specifically about Part D?  Medicare Plan Finder

  • SHIP– A state program that gets funding from the federal government to provide free local health coverage counseling to people with Medicare

  • This New York Times blog covers topics about aging, caregiving, health, and finances.

  • Check out to become a part of preventing Medicare fraud and find out more about Medicare fraud in general.

  • Don’t have a Part D, but still need help paying for your medications, use our FREE DRUG DISCOUNT CARD

  • Want to know if you have the lowest rate available in your area all in one handy tool This is a great website to check out for information about Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans.

    Medicare and Medigap Complete Resource Library

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    Save Money on Medicare
    Medigap Made Simple
    Medigap and You 2018
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    Mutual of Omaha
    SMS Medicare Insurance
    TransAmerica Medigap Carrier
    Cigna Medigap Insurance
    Aetna Medigap
    United Healthcare AARP
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    Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement Carrier

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