Medicare Physical

Medicare Physical Did you know that Medicare beneficiaries entitled to receive an ONE-TIME “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit? As a result, this is an essential checkup resulting in the chance to have a conversation with your doctor about physical and emotional health.  The best part is there is no out of pocket for the Medicare physical patient! For these reasons, it’s important to put it on a calendar as an annual event. Most noteworthy this visit may include: A review of…

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Medicare Help

Medicare Help and Resources If you’re looking for an overall review of Medicare check out  http://medicare.gov. Want more information specifically about Part D?  Medicare Plan Finder SHIP– A state program that gets funding from the federal government to provide free local health coverage counseling to people with Medicare http://newoldage.blogs.nytimes.com/ This New York Times blog covers topics about aging, caregiving, health, and finances. Check out http://www.stopmedicarefraud.gov/ to become a part of preventing Medicare fraud and find out more about Medicare fraud…

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Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D Finding the right Medicare Part D plan is key when reducing healthcare costs for seniors.  Having a Medigap plan will help reduce out-of-pocket medical costs but does not address your prescription drug needs and costs. If you are enrolled in an original Medicare, you are able to enroll in a stand-alone Medicare Part D prescription plan.  Annual enrollment for these plans is from October 15th through December 7th.  During this same time, you can also choose to enroll…

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Traveling with Medicare

Traveling with Medicare ONE OF THE BIGGEST DRAWBACKS OF A MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN IS THE ABILITY TO RECEIVE CARE OUTSIDE OF A VERY SMALL PRE DETERMINED AREA… This may at face value not seem like such a BIG deal but consider this: Where do your children and grandchildren live? DEnjoy foreign traveling? Maintain two residences? Do you enjoy “seeing the sights”, attending shows or athletic events, maybe recreational activities where you maybe go “off the grid”? It may be possible to find…

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Save Money On Medicare Supplements

Save Money On Medicare Supplements A recent survey collected data that proved men and women could save 39% on Medicare supplements.  Comparing different companies while searching for a plan is the first step. Popular plans include Plan F, G, and N. Plan F controls almost 40% of applicants for Medicare Supplements while Plan A and N attracted 10% of applicants. To this day, Plan F is a highly demanded Plan. The findings from Senior Market Solutions showed that by comparing…

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