Medicare Enrollment Period

REVIEW: Your current health plan and current healthcare activity, so that you can better assess what type of coverage you may need.

RESEARCH: Medicare plans and companies by visiting their websites or calling an associate.  Senior Market Solutions will do this for you.  They work with 25 top rated carriers and most likely have several options in your area.

RATINGS: Choose a carrier that stands behind their policy. A list of star ratings for different plans is listed here.

RECORD: Keep a record of your medications and doctor visits.  This can prove to be helpful during Medicare's enrollment periods and when reviewing coverage and plan options.

REFER: Talk to your family and friends, they may have great recommendations and first-hand knowledge. Confirming with your medical providers is important too.  You will need to know if they accept Medicare and your chosen Medigap plan.

REMEMBER: To enroll in Medicare Parts A and/or B before signing up for a private Medicare plan.  Part D is important too. Do not be a victim to Medicare's late enrollment penalty.

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