Dental & Vision Benefits with Medicare

With all the excitement of Medicare enrollment, it is important to keep in mind that Medicare has its limits. Medicare Part A covers hospital care and Part B covers outpatient care but neither cover most vision and dental procedures. Basic services such as cleanings, fillings, exams, and glasses are not covered. 

What limited dental & vision coverage does Medicare offer?

Under Medicare Part A emergency situations are covered in certain circumstances:

  • If you have a problem with your jaw, Medicare Part A might cover the reconstruction of the jaw or a tooth extraction that is the result of a jaw injury.

  • Medicare Part A will cover the hospital stay for a complicated dental procedure, but not the procedure itself.

  • Medicare Part A might cover a preliminary dental exam if it’s required for certain medical treatments such as a kidney or heart transplant. This typically depends on who is performing the exam.

Under Medicare Part B coverage includes contact lenses and eyeglasses. After cataract surgery only because they are considered part of the medically necessary treatment.

Do you need a separate dental & vision plan?

Options are available to those on Medicare. Many companies provide Medicare supplement plan members with discounts on dental and vision services. If full dental and vision coverage are important to you, consider taking out a separate policy to cover basic dental, vision, and hearing needs.

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