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Medicare supplement insurance plans are our specialty.  Our licensed advisors are trained in all things Medicare and we’re prepared to make the recommendation that’s the right fit for your unique situation.

We offer Medicare supplement plans with options including:

  • No Deductibles.
  • Flexibility to see any doctor, anywhere.
  • Access to preventive care, dental & vision coverage.

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How Much Is Your Service?

Our Medicare supplement advisors offer you completely free, educational and unbiased guidance to help you understand your Medicare supplement plan options.  Whether you go straight to the insurance company or let us help to handle it all, you pay the same premium.


Do You Have Plans In My Area?

The answer is most likely yes!  We offer ALL the most popular plans including PLAN F & PLAN G.  Our Medicare supplement advisors are licensed in most states, in the rare case that we are not we have trusted partners which will provide you the same excellent service we promise to all of our clients.

Will I Receive The Same Coverage?

Medicare supplement plans are created equal.  What does that mean, exactly?  Plans are standardized by the federal government, each plan is labeled with a letter and coverage under that letter must be identical no matter what company you purchase the plan from. A Plan F from Aetna is the same as a Plan F from Blue Cross.

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Aetna Medigap
United Healthcare AARP
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Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement Carrier

What Is Medicare

Medicare is health insurance for people 65 and older. It’s also for people with certain disabilities and illness. Enrolling in Medicare is subject to specific periods of time in your life and during the calendar year.  Medicare is divided into parts, and it’s important to learn how these fit together when to enroll and what coverage to choose.

The Parts of Medicare

Medicare Part A provides inpatient hospital coverage. Medicare Part B is the medical coverage that gives you access to a variety of outpatient services like doctor visits.  Part C is also called Medicare Advantage is an alternative to Original Medicare. Medicare Part D is coverage for retail prescription drugs.

Supplemental Medicare

Medicare supplement is also called Medigap.  These plans cover the gaps in Original Medicare’s benefits to you.  Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the government.  Each plan is labeled with a letter which represents a specific set of benefits.  Scroll down to learn more about these plans.

Are you ready for a free consultation?

We will present you with all your options and how you can save the most money today! Schedule your free consultation now!

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2018 Medicare Supplement Plan Chart

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Author Picture
Judith P Mondovi, WI

"No worry and no hassle."

Author Picture
Marvin & Alice M Guernsey, WI

"Nice people who do honest good work."

Author Picture
James & Nidia W. Albion, MI

Working with an independent agent for our Medicare insurance was new to us. They took care of all the legwork and were very helpful. SMS was able to put us with the right company, keep our coverage the same and save us on expenses."

Author Picture
Jessica-B Elroy, WI

"I appreciate that when I have called with questions or concerns, my call is answered promptly and my questions answered completely. I would recommend Senior Market Solutions to friends and family as a very reliable and dependable company."

Author Picture
Donald & Karen N. Menomonie, WI

"At first we were hesitant to work with a broker that was long distance, but we have appreciated the personal touch SMS showed in assisting us with our Medigap insurance needs. We would encourage anyone to work with SMS, you will receive excellent advice and service."


Meet our team

Rick Teska


Rick founded Senior Market Solutions to achieve his vision of providing straightforward, comprehensive, and unbiased options for people on Medicare.  He has over 30 years experience in the Medigap insurance market, there is no better resource for our clients.  Over the years he has earned many awards and is an accredited Medigap advisor. In his time outside the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors and mentoring youth.

Cullen Teska

Licensed Advisor

Cullen specializes in helping clients transition to Medicare products from major medical plans and employee provided coverage. He knows there is not a one-size fit all plan and he works hard to find the perfect fit for everyone’s needs and future plans in retirement. Cullen has earned a bachelor’s from Northwestern University and a Master’s from Bethel University.  Cullen’s free time is spent with his wife and two children on outdoor adventures.

Alicia Gibbons

Agency Manager

Alicia has been an invaluable member of our team since 2008.  She plays an integral role between our clients, advisors, and Medicare supplement carriers. She ensures that quality and service exceed customer expectations.  Alicia places immense value on understanding a client’s needs and providing the best solution. Recently, she earned her MBA from Franklin University.  Outside the office, she enjoys spending time in her garden & reading.

Sara Teska


Sara takes pride in helping us make sure that every client feels like more than just a file in a cabinet.   She provides office support when needed and wears many hats.  Whether it’s wishing a client a happy birthday or helping to monitor their policy for rate increases, she makes sure you get personalized service.   Sara finds joy in making sure our team has what we need to be successful.  In her free time, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren.

Are you ready for a free consultation?

We will present you with all your options and how you can save the most money today! Schedule your free consultation now!

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